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Neighborhood 360°

The Neighborhood 360° program was created by the NYC SBS to identify, develop, and launch commercial revitalization projects in partnership with local stakeholders.


Revitalizing Inwood’s Beauty :
Our committed team is tirelessly devoted to revitalizing our community by ensuring clean sidewalks, eradicating litter, and removing graffiti, posters, and stickers from storefronts and street furniture. Simultaneously, we address both challenges and opportunities by breathing new life into occupied and unoccupied storefronts, rejuvenating the essence of Inwood.


Creating a Path to Economic Prosperity: 
We are working to turn Inwood into a thriving tourist destination, creating vibrant communities and showcasing our rich cultural diversity. With events like the Latin Market, we stimulate the local economy, offering a platform for businesses to thrive and individuals to experience the magic of our neighborhood. Our focus on revitalizing Inwood’s infrastructure, promoting local businesses, and preserving its unique charm is making it a must-visit destination for tourists seeking an authentic and memorable experience.


The SBS-supported grant plays a pivotal role in advancing the revitalization initiatives determined by the CDNA in Inwood. These endeavors encompass enriching the neighborhood's retail landscape, organizing workshops, networking events, and district marketing efforts. We are also focusing on the beautification of Inwood's commercial corridors to make the streets more inviting for residents and visitors alike, whether for shopping, working, living, or leisure. Notably, we are successfully establishing the Inwood Merchant Association, a pivotal step in the community's growth. Our journey is made possible through strong partnerships and collaborations with Art on the Ave, Quisqueya Plaza, Department of Transportation, Renaissance Technical Institute, and Momentum Education. Together with these partners, we are working tirelessly to transform Inwood into a vibrant and thriving neighborhood.

Together with these partners, we are working tirelessly to transform Inwood into a vibrant and thriving neighborhood.
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