The Inwood Merchant Association is composed of local business owners within the Inwood community. It is currently led by

Dr. Jason Compton is very dedicated to the Inwood Community as he was a Treasurer for Community Board 12, a previous Chair of the Business Development Committee for Community Board 12 and currently serves as the Chair of the Inwood Merchant Association Steering Committee.   Dr. Compton would like to use his experience and resources to help in the growth of not only the merchant association but upper Manhattan as a whole.  Dr. Jason E. Compton graduated from the SUNY State College of Optometry and completed his residency at the Wilmington Delaware VA Medical Center.   Dr. Compton owns two private practices [Compton Eye Associates] in the New York City area.  Dr. Compton serves as Assistant Adjunct Faculty for the SUNY State College of Optometry.     Dr. Compton is the Chair-Elect for the American Optometric Association’s Contact Lens and Cornea Section, the Chair of the Marketing Committee for the New York State Optometric Association and is a fellow in the American Academy of Optometry.  Dr. Compton is the President/Founder of, a contact lens resource used by eye care professionals worldwide.


I maintain a respectful and responsive personal and professional connections with the Inwood community


I have experience working with similar types of executive committees, both on a local and national level


I desire to see the advancement of local businesses within the Inwood community and I am willing to work for this advancement.

Dr. Jason Compton


Angel Garcia


Angel Garcia is an entrepreneur who focuses his telecommunications. He began his

marketing career as an Account Executive managing and developing markets nationwide. During his successful position as a National Sales and Marketing Director at IDT/UTA, Mr. Garcia became at the age of 26 one of the most knowledgeable young men in the industry of Telecommunications in the USA.

Today he is head of International business for Blackstone, runs businesses in Puerto Rico, California, and New York, and sits as a Board of Director for two (2) major Telecommunication companies. He is a marketing consultant for small businesses. He has a passion for empowering young leaders and coaches several basketball teams for children and teenagers.

Angel Garcia was born and raised in the Dominican Republic. He moved to New York in May 1992.  His overall mission is to create opportunities. His ultimate dream would be  to end hunger and poverty for Dominicans and Haitians living on the island of the



I have a passion for economic development and the promotion of the positive aspects of the community and its business


I address concerns and conflict seeking to resolved them in the most efficient way possible


I believe community involves all of us and it is important to understand the value each sector of the community contributes to it.

Yahaira Gonzalez was born in Caracas, Venezuela to Dominican parents and raised on Dyckman Street. Prior to opening Pop + Pour, Yajaira studied business & accounting at Bronx Community College. Today, Yajaira is the proud owner of Pop+Pour, a new kind of restaurant inspired by historical elements of Latin culture that is built into the wine, beer, spirits list and the plates they serve. She has been involved with Divas Leading and Coming Full Circle-A collective of community members sharing the importance of health and wellness with other members of the community. Through the collective Yajaira has sponsored dinners for female cancer patients. Donated boxes of food and supplies to Venezuela and Puerto Rico, and has supported work by other community nonprofits


I want to increase the presence of the Association through all facets of the community


I want all types of business to be fully represented in the shaping of Inwood and benefiting from its economic development


I believe our community deserves opportunities and be exposed to new ways to  work, produce and cohabitate.

Yajaira Gonzalez
Jans Jiminian



Jans Jiminian is the co-founder and President of Inwood Group. A native New Yorker whose roots are in Washington Heights, her community has always been a priority. As she worked to complete her Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, with a minor in Criminology.   Jans acquired experience working a series of jobs ranging from retail to banking and finance. In order to nurture her ties to the community of Washington Heights and Inwood, she worked at various local businesses for 6 years. She was able to implement the skills she gained in the finance industry to these roles and earned the confidence of her employers and clients. Those years helped propel her into becoming the entrepreneur she is now. Today, Jiminian leans on the connections and network she has built within her role at Inwood Group. She oversees the general operations of the business and works directly with clients on a variety of needs including auto leasing and financing, credit repair, and financial education. She runs her own sports and summer fashion brand. She is a supporter of many local causes benefiting the community such as the Hurricane Maria relief effort, NYC cancer walk and fundraiser, local school, and toy drives.


I am fascinated by the purpose of the association and want to contribute to its expansion and sustainability


I will ensure the promotion of local business so the commercial map of Manhattan starts featuring Inwood.


I will work to connect different industries and celebrate our wonderful diversity and vibrancy.

Cindy Matos is an experienced Store Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the banking industry. Skilled in Business Relationship Management, Deposits, Mortgage Lending, Lines Of Credit, and Commercial Lending. Strong sales professional with a Bachelor's degree focused in Finance, from Baruch College, City University of New York (CUNY).  She serves in a range of committees including nonprofits and the Community Board of Washington Heights and Inwood.  Cindy is always happy to connect resources, take initiative and produce concrete results.


I work tirelessly and transparently for my clients and the issues I care about


I believe our community  is capable of creating wealth, resources and have intricate value


I see the potential of our merchants to improve the community and themselves and I am willing to connect them with the resources available to grow.

Cindy Matos


Jeritza Mejia is the founder, Managing Director and Lead Sales Strategist at the Inwood Group. She founded the company in 2018 after nearly two decades as a lead salesperson at noted companies in New York City. Starting at Ralph Lauren and moving on to Wall Street and then one of the highest-grossing dealerships in New York City, Mejia has consistently proven to be a savant at selling to customers. Today she applies her warm and outgoing brand of genius to the Inwood Group, an auto sales and financial service group that is revolutionizing the industry. Jeritza Mejia is born and bred in Manhattan.


I want to give my energy to preserving small business diversity


I want to contribute with economic programs designed to value, strengthen and expand the potential of all businesses in the Inwood community.


I want to start conversations and provoque situations that make us ready to adapt and improve.

Jeritza Mejia


Dolly Reyes a licensed insurance agent representative in the State of New York & New Jersey. She graduated from the College of New Rochelle and loves helping the community with any insurance needs. She has found true satisfaction being able to help families in Inwood by providing services for the last four years. Services such as Auto insurance, Home Insurance, Life insurance & Commercial Insurance. She is very dedicated and committed to helping the Inwood community develop and grown to its highest potential.


I value the vibrancy of Inwood and want to help other understand the value business add to the community


I want to contribute to the grow the association to include all types of merchants within Inwood


I want the association to develop training for merchants and programs so all residents benefit from sharing this upbeat neighborhood.

Dolly Reyes


Arelia Taveras


Arelia Taveras is the Executive Director for the NYS Latino Restaurant, Bar & Lounge Association.  In her role, Ms. Taveras advises restaurant and bar owners regarding the steps necessary to operate and maintain their businesses.  She is also one of the founders of NY Business Licensing, a boutique office specializing in Liquor Licenses and Sidewalk Cafes for restaurants, bars and lounges.  She guides business owners from the initial construction plans of a restaurant/bar to the operational needs of the business. 

Ms. Taveras opened to offer owners the opportunity to view instructional videos regarding the New York State Liquor Authority, rules and regulations, Department of Health advisories, and new Labor Department regulations and initiatives.  She offers valuable industry insights that prepare owners for onsite inspections and routine MARCH Operations from state agencies.

Ms. Taveras served as Member and Secretary of the NYS Coalition of Hispanic Chambers of Commerce in New York City, where she worked with Hispanic business owners on issues affecting trade and commerce in their selected industries. She has worked at the Cargill Company, Smith Barney, Citibank and Coran Ober Law firm.

Ms. Taveras has a Juris Doctor in Law and a Bachelors in Business Administration.  She lives with her family in New York.


I have vast experience working with local merchants in Upper Manhattan for over 20 years.  I am vested with our business community.


I also work with the Latino Rest association, it would be a huge collaboration of organizations aiding our local restaurant and bar establishments, in this revitalization of the industry post COVID.


I care about our merchants, it has to be the foundation for any public servant for the work to make sense.


The Inwood Merchant Association is composed of local business owners within the Inwood community.




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