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The COVID-19 pandemic:

The impact of COVID-19 was deeply felt by our community and businesses, testing our resilience and unity like never before.

Despite these trying times, we stood strong as neighbors, supporting one another through thick and thin. Here are some of the ways we extended a helping hand to our community during the challenges posed by COVID-19:
  • Distributed 300+ masks to local merchants for safety compliance.

  • Provided 500+ social distancing decals, reducing merchant expenses and ensuring compliance with city mandates.

  • Hosted an open forum meeting with restaurant owners and city agencies to address recovery efforts, Open Streets, Sidewalk Cafes, health inspections, and other concerns.

  • Partnered with Ponce Bank to facilitate Latino-owned businesses' access to the Paycheck Protection Plan, offering information in both English and Spanish.

  • Collaborated with Congressman Adriano Espaillat for live Q&A sessions with IRS and SBA representatives on the Restaurant Revitalization Fund.

  • Engaged with various agencies, including Community Board, Elected Officials, SBS, Department of Labor, Department of Health, and SBA through town halls and conferences.

  • Informed businesses about available financial funding options (grants and loans) and guided them through the application process.

  • Connected merchants with Small Business Services offices for resource information and guideline navigation.

  • Launched the #inwoodtrong campaign in partnership with NoMAA.

  • Provided support for social media development, rebranding, and menu updates to adapt to digital spaces.

  • Maintained communication with elected officials regarding fund processing delays, shared updates through newsletters, and published a weekly list of open restaurants and stores during the pandemic.

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