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About Us

Welcome to the Inwood Merchant Association, a vibrant hub of collaboration and growth in Northern Manhattan.

Empowering Inwood's Business Community: Where Unity Meets Prosperity. Join us in fostering resiliency, development, and vitality.

Our mission

The Inwood Merchant Association’s mission is to fortify the fabric of Inwood’s business community through preservation, education, and advocacy. We are committed to fostering business expansion and community development by implementing robust economic programs that increase the income potential of all businesses within our jurisdiction. Committed to enhancing the community's social, cultural, and civic vitality, we champion initiatives aimed at enhancing Inwood's functional and aesthetic appeal, thereby fostering a dynamic, prosperous environment in which every business can flourish.

Our vision

The Inwood Merchant Association envisions a prosperous, interconnected community where businesses of all sizes and industries thrive. We aspire to be stewards of economic resiliency, promoting prosperity for all businesses, as a trusted catalyst for comprehensive development. We envision a community in which business value is recognized and valued, local concerns are transformed into development opportunities, and civic, social, and cultural programs enhance the community's appeal. Our vision is to transform Inwood into a beacon of flourishing enterprise and enriched community life by aligning unity, inclusivity, and sustainability with economic prosperity and community welfare.

Our initiatives

We are thrilled to introduce a series of impactful initiatives that are set to bring positive changes to our vibrant neighborhood:

Revitalizing Inwood’s Beauty

Our committed team is tirelessly devoted to revitalizing our community by ensuring clean sidewalks, eradicating litter, and removing graffiti, posters, and stickers from storefronts and street furniture. Simultaneously, we address both challenges and opportunities by breathing new life into occupied and unoccupied storefronts, rejuvenating the essence of Inwood.

Community Art Collaborations

In partnership with Art on the Ave, we transform vacant storefronts and existing businesses into street-facing exhibitions, providing captivating artistic experiences for the community to enjoy and engage with.

Inclusive Community Spaces

We're creating spaces that foster community engagement, skill-building, and access to essential services, promoting connections among diverse members and revitalizing our community's sense of togetherness.

Empowering Workforce Development

Our offerings include advocacy, resources, networking, and community engagement, all empowering small businesses with the collective strength they need for growth and success, while also contributing to local job training and placement.

Creating a Path to Economic Prosperity

We are working to turn Inwood into a thriving tourist destination, creating vibrant communities and showcasing our rich cultural diversity. With events like the Latin Market, we stimulate the local economy, offering a platform for businesses to thrive and individuals to experience the magic of our neighborhood. 

Our history

The Inwood Merchant Association began out of the need to provide Inwood Businesses’ with a voice to advocate for growth and change.  It developed through a $1.05 Million, three year, Neighborhood 360 grant delegated through NYC Small Businesses Services and managed through the Washington Heights BID.

When we assessed the needs of our community a pattern emerged: merchants in the area were next to each other but disconnected, and felt they work alone but hoped there was a uniting force to address common issues and represent sectors.

IMA Team

Gwen Martinez



Valerie Pomares


Business Partner

Ivan Lora


Relations Coordinator


Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

The Inwood Merchant Association is composed of local business owners within the community, they work together to make the most of the potential of our vibrant neighborhood!

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