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At IMA we are very proud of our charming neighborhood located on the northernmost tip of Manhattan. Inwood is home to stunning natural beauty, unbelievable parks, delicious food and and a vibrant mosaic of cultures, setting it apart from the rest of New York City. We are all about our “gente”, the people that are part of our community is what drives our mission.

Our mission:

The mission of the Inwood Merchant Association is to fortify the fabric of Inwood’s business community through preservation, education, and advocacy. We are committed to fostering business expansion and community development by implementing robust economic programs that increase the income potential of all businesses within our jurisdiction. Committed to enhancing the community's social, cultural, and civic vitality, we champion initiatives aimed at enhancing Inwood's functional and aesthetic appeal, thereby fostering a dynamic, prosperous environment in which every business can flourish.


Our vision:

The Inwood Merchant Association envisions a prosperous, interconnected community where businesses of all sizes and industries thrive. We aspire to be stewards of economic resiliency, promoting prosperity for all businesses, as a trusted catalyst for comprehensive development. We envision a community in which business value is recognized and valued, local concerns are transformed into development opportunities, and civic, social, and cultural programs enhance the community's appeal. Our vision is to transform Inwood into a beacon of flourishing enterprise and enriched community life by aligning unity, inclusivity, and sustainability with economic prosperity and community welfare.


Membership benefits with us

Unified Platform for Growth
and Preservation

By becoming a member of the Inwood Merchant Association, small businesses gain a collaborative platform for growth, preserving and enhancing uptown vibrancy through unity and cooperation.

Access to Supportive Network
and Resources

Membership offers access to a network of supportive entrepreneurs, fostering collaboration and providing valuable resources for business endeavors and growth strategies. Additionally, the association organizes collective advocacy efforts to ensure ongoing prosperity within the local business ecosystem.

Contribution to Community
and Economic Resilience

Participating in the association enhances Inwood's unique character, fostering economic resilience through collective problem-solving and opportunity utilization. Members' involvement contributes to the creation of a thriving community that extends benefits to present and future generations.



Multiple networking events with consistent attendance of 50+ people at each event.


Spearheaded the Uptown Restaurant Week featuring 39+ participating restaurants.


Successfully launched the Taste of Uptown attracting more than 500 RSVPs.


In a span of 7 months, over 10,000 bags of garbage were collected and nearly 300 stickers/posters were removed from unlawful areas.



We're excited to welcome you, and share the warmth of our neighborhood!

Don't be shy and come visit us! In many ways, Inwood feels more like a town rather than a neighborhood. You'll be pleasantly surprised by all the magical places our community has to offer. From the last natural forest in Manhattan to the city's oldest farmhouse, there's so much to explore. And if you're a food enthusiast, you're in for a treat with the variety of dining options available. All these incredible aspects come together to create the perfect day in the city. We can't wait to show you around and share the charm of our neighborhood! 



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