The vast majority of accountants and financial professionals—80%, in fact—work inside businesses and organizations. Their work is essential to financial management, organizational development, and the achievement of strategic goals. While external auditing is a very visible part of the accounting profession, sound internal finance and accounting operations are essential for the proper functioning of any organization.


IMA History

For more than 90 years, IMA has been a champion of—and resource for—the financial management and accounting profession.

The organization was founded in Buffalo, N.Y., in 1919 as the National Association of Cost Accountants (NACA) to promote knowledge and professionalism among cost accountants and foster a wider understanding of the role of cost accounting in management. Our name was later changed to the National Association of Accountants (NAA).

In 1991, the organization name was again changed to the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA), signifying our broader role as the association for accountants and financial professionals working inside organizations, and now we are known by the shorthand—IMA.

IMA TImeline

  • 1919 Founding of the National Association of Cost Accountants (NACA) in Buffalo, N.Y., an early incarnation of the IMA
  • 1920 First chapter of NACA formed in Chicago
    First NACA Annual Conference is held in Atlantic City
  • 1925 NACA Bulletin is introduced
  • 1935 Library established at NACA national office
  • 1943 First international chapter chartered
  • 1945 Research committee established
  • 1949 NACA Bulletin becomes monthly publication
  • 1957 NACA becomes National Association of Accountants (NAA)
  • 1959 Student Publication Services inaugurated
  • 1969 Management Accounting Practices Committee is established
  • 1972 Certified Management Accountant (CMA®) program created
    The first Statement on Management Accounting (SMA), Concepts for Contract Costing, is issued
  • 1983 Standards of Ethical Conduct of Management Accountants, the first code of ethics for management accountants in the U.S., is issued
  • 1989 Financial Executive of the Year Award (FEYA) program established
  • 1991 National Association of Accountants becomes the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA)
  • 1992 IMA becomes a founding member of the Committee of Sponsoring Organizations of the Treadway Commission (COSO), a private-sector organization dedicated to improving the quality of financial reporting
  • 1994 IMA celebrates its 75th anniversary and publishes Proud of the Past – 75 Years of Achievement
    IMA Foundation for Applied Research (FAR) is formed for the advancement of management accounting
  • 1996 IMA establishes the Certified Financial Manager (CFM®) program.
  • 1997 CMA and CFM tests are computerized
  • 1999 IMA relaunches and renames its flagship magazine, Strategic Finance, which also becomes available online
    Management Accounting Quarterly debuts in Fall 1999
  • 2000 First IMA Student Conference held in Colorado Springs, Colo.
  • 2006 First IMA Global Conference held in Dubai, UAE
  • 2009 LinkUp IMA, our exclusive online professional community, is launched


Past Presidents of the New York Chapter of the IMA
1920s 1930s
Gershom Smith* 1920-21 George A. Ware* 1930-31
C.M. Finney* 1921-22 C.A. Packard* 1931-32
Charles Van Zandt* 1922-23 William R. Donaldson* 1932-33
H.G. Crocett* 1923-25 V.H. Stempf* 1933-34
H.E. Horn* 1925-26 Paul Beck* 1934-35
George Rea* 1926-27 George D. Ellis* 1935-36
E.A. Camman* 1927-28 Frances McCaffrey* 1936-37
Charles A. Williams* 1928-29 Frank Klein* 1937-38
CharlesH.Towers* 1929-30 William Keating* 1938-39
Clarence Crocherson* 1939-40
1940s 1950s
William J. Madison* 1940-41 Mortimor R. Oldeman* 1950-51
Marshall Granger 1941-42 Allen H. Ottman* 1951-52
GouldI. Harris* 1942-43 Robert I. Mithell* 1952-53
Robert Bruce* 1943-44 Chester A. Rosenberger 1953-54
Charles C. James* 1944-45 William E. Jacoby 1954-55
Robert R. Hertzler* 1945-46 Warren W. Byrne 1955-56
Carl E. Lindquist* 1946-47 Gerald D. Stone 1956-57
Charles J. Eggeman* 1947-48 William J. Ritter 1957-58
N. Madison Cartmell* 1948-49 Fred J. Sengstacke 1958-59
Cecil D. Marshall* 1949-50 Ettore Barbatelli 1959-60
1960s 1970s
J. P. Whelen 1960-61 Gerald W. Devlin 1970-71
Joseph L. Goluccfi 1961-62 Edward W. Binshadler 1971-72
Victor C. Thaller 1963-64 Robert D. Reisman 1972-73
William C. Stueben* 1963-64 Robert H. Frey 1973-74
James A. Connell* 1964-65 Joe M. Shaver 1974-75
Clemens A. Erdahl 1965-66 James M. Finnessey 1975-76
Donald H. Cramer 1966-67 Robert W. Liptak 1976-77
E. Evans Lawton 1967-68 Richard W. Wagner* 1977-78
Peter R. Lasusa 1968-69 Penny A. Flugger* 1978-79
Robert E. Paterson 1969-70 Jack J. Occiogrosso 1979-80
Michael Michalisin** 1979-80
1980s 1990s
Raymond P. Mannion 1980-81 Deborah A. Koebele 1990-91
William J. Morgan 1981-82 Charles V. Curcio 1991-92
Barry Weintrob 1982-83 Kikis A. Zachary 1992-93
John Deming 1983-84 Thomas E. Macken, Jr. 1993-94
Donald B. Christensen 1984-85 Warren Ruppel 1994-95
John J. Collura** 1984-85 A. Paul Blanco 1995-96
Charles W. Gill 1985-86 Rudolph H. Clark, Jr. 1996-97
Robert Strickler 1986-87 Eula DeWitt 1997-98
Fred W. Homscheid 1987-88 Thomas D’Alessio 1998-99
Charles McClafferty 1988-89 Warren Bergstein 1999-00
Norma Pane 1989-90
2000s 2010s
Charles T. Aiello 2000-01 Thomas A. Richards 2010-11
Michael J. Shannon, Sr. 2001-02
Josephine M. Carles 2002-03 Thomas A. Richards 2011-12
Myrna L. Fischman 2003-04 Thomas A. Richards 2012-13
Charles T. Aiello 2004-05 Thomas A. Richards 2013-14
Michael Vozza 2005-06 Ara Bederjikian 2014-15
Michael Vozza 2006-07 Ara Bederjikian 2015-16
Josephine M. Carles*** 2007-08
Eula DeWitt*** 2007-08
Lydia Washington 2008-09
Jason Belinkoff 2009-10

* Deceased

** Completed Un-expired Term

*** Co-President

Functions of Our Professionals

The roles and responsibilities of internal accountants and financial professionals include:

  • Managing functions that are critical to business performance
  • Supporting organizational management and strategic development
  • Providing accurate and insightful information for better decisions
  • Ensuring that organizations operate with integrity and proper governance
  • Planning for the long-term and helping to ensure sustainability
  • Safeguarding the interests of the organization and its key stakeholders

IMA provides advocacy and support for the professionals who perform these vital functions within businesses.

Career Assistance

Networking is an excellent way to get ideas about a career search. We encourage all of our members to attend Chapter meetings to expand their network. Ideas for managing ones career can be gained through meeting people and by learning from speakers at Chapter meetings.

Since the Chapter believes that career management is important, periodically the Chapter will have someone speak on a topic related to career management.

Occasionally, a search firm will reach out to the Chapter and the Chapter may forward the position information to the members of the Chapter and / or post the position on this page. Any postings will be dated.

Furthermore, through Chapter participation, one can grow professionally through leadership roles, earning CPE, and studying for the CMA. Please attend one of our Chapter meetings to learn more and to get involved.